Trade Engine is an international supplier of Quality Management and Compliance software, along with associated training, consultancy, certification support and project management services. The majority of our work is focused on quality and project management in the UK’s construction and energy efficiency industries.

We have worked across a wide variety of industries and organisations, delivering significant levels of improvement in terms of process implementation, quality, service reliability and, ultimately, profitability.

Trade Engine users benefit from a personalised approach. We do not simply provide a license to use our platform and expect them to ‘get on with it’. Rather, we work closely with all our customers to ensure that the system is suitably tailored to their business needs and that their staff are all appropriately trained in its use. This service is included within our standard license fees.

But our relationship with our customers does not end there. Many choose to use the services outlined below to leverage our staff and their expertise to ensure they remain compliant with the standards they must adhere to on a day-to-day basis.

The services below are optional and designed to complement our users’ business processes.

Managed Compliance

This service allows our customers to utilise the skills and abilities of our own staff, to support their organisation on a per-job or per-project basis. The Trade Engine Cloud QMS has an in-built compliance platform which ensures that each and every project that is managed within the platform is compliant with the standards it must adhere to.

However, there are certain aspects of work that computer software cannot check (e.g., whether a Design Specification is fit for purpose; whether photographic evidence is suitable; or, whether qualitative aspects of a project are sufficient to demonstrate standards compliance). Our staff can perform these checks on behalf of your business, giving you complete peace of mind that your work is compliant and that the organisations whom contract to you will accept it and pay you for it.

In this model, the Trade Engine QMS manages workflows and performs primary compliance, and our team perform secondary compliance as well as helping you to resolve any issues with your work.

We charge a fixed fee per project or job that you choose to use our Managed Compliance Service to check, and we do not impose minimum contractual volumes on the businesses we work with. Some may need our assistance just once because an unforeseen issue has occurred on a project, whereas others might choose to integrate this service with their business activities.

Please contact us to arrange a free consultation and to receive a written quotation for this service.

Business Process Automation

Almost all businesses have an ongoing requirement for technologies that are adaptable and can be configured to their specific needs. Our platform therefore includes a Business Process Builder tool that allows our users to create workflows, deploy forms and generate custom reports.

Some of our users do not have the time or technical ability to configure Trade Engine to meet their requirements; in this case, one of our consultants can perform these configuration activities on their behalf.

The end result of this feature and service is a fully-integrated cloud Business Management platform that is precisely configured to meet the requirements of the organisation deploying it.

One of our consultants will visit you to really get to grips with how your organisation works, the Project or Records Management facilities that you require, the data you need to store and process, and the forms or reports that you need to generate. After this visit, they will spend time configuring your Trade Engine implementation to deploy these requirements, before returning to train key members of staff in the use of the newly-configured functions.

All our consultants are charged out at a fixed hourly or daily rate, and in most cases this type of engagement will involve 1-2 days of their time. Please contact us in order to receive a written quotation for this service.

Training & Continuing Professional Development

From time to time we run public training courses and seminars on a variety of topics in Quality Management. Most are tailored to specific standards (e.g., ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, PAS 2030 or MCS) and cover how to implement such standards across your organisation, how to stay on-top of their requirements, and how to achieve continual process improvement within your business. We do not attempt to sell Trade Engine to any delegates and being a user or licensee is not a requirement of attendance. We do sometimes give a short demonstration of the platform, however.

In addition, we are able to provide such training courses on your organisation’s behalf. For example, you may work with a suitably large number of subcontractors and require them to all be familiar with, and adhere to, a specific standard. Many standards are also changed or updated frequently, and you may need to communicate any new requirements along your supply chain.

If you would like to discuss such a training programme for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. All our Professional Trainers are charged out at a standard fixed day-rate.

Auditing and Nonconformity Resolution

Despite your best efforts and use of an appropriate Quality Management System and regime, sometimes problems and nonconformities will occur within your business. All our users benefit from our assistance in helping them to resolve any such issues, and any such remote assistance is included within our standard license fees.

On some occasions we are required to visit our customers in order to:

  • Perform internal auditing and preparation prior to an audit by a Certification Body
  • Address one or more major nonconformities, quickly getting the organisation back on-track
  • Represent an individual or company at their Certification Body audit
  • Professionally mediate an issue or conflict between a business and their Certification Body
  • Mediate an issue between a business and an organisation that contracts to them
  • Help to resolve any Quality Management issues as detected or mandated by a Regulation Authority (e.g., Ofgem, Ofcom, CQC)

If any of the above cases apply to your organisation, particularly in relation to Quality Management and Compliance, please contact us as soon as possible. The likelihood is we will be able to assist you in resolving any such issue and the sooner we speak to you, the greater our chances of helping you to resolve any such problems.

We also work with a number of approved partners for issues outside the above, such as legal, health and safety, accounting or taxation issues, and can refer you to these where required.