Trade Engine is a dynamic platform that ensures your organisation stays on-track with its obligations. It is different to many other QMS’, including some that are cloud-based, because it contains everything that your business needs to run and manage successful internal operations.

Some features (many of which are not present in other QMS platforms) include:

  • A ‘generic’ platform that can implement almost any standard within your organisation;
  • The ability to build your own processes, projects, forms and documents for deployment;
  • A unique approach to Risk Management and Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA);
  • A ‘one for all’ solution that works regardless or business size, capacity, location or industry;
  • Inclusion of invoicing, as well as business and financial planning tools;
  • Data import and export functions to/from other QMS platforms as well as common accounting software;
  • Commonly merges the work of between 3 and 4 existing applications into one.

The best way to understand Trade Engine is to arrange a demonstration, along with speaking to a member of our team about how it will be deployed within your business.

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