PAS 2030 is a ‘Publicly Available Specification’ (a form of standard) published by the British Standards Institute. It is entitled “Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings” and outlines the Quality Management, implementation and service requirements for any such works as undertaken by installers or tradespeople.

PAS 2030 is one of the standards, along with the Green Deal Code of Practice, that underpins the UK Government’s ECO and Green Deal Schemes. All installers working under these schemes, as well as those undertaking certain types of work for Housing Associations or Local Authorities, must adhere to this standard for all works carried out. However, PAS 2030 is not just applicable to these particular schemes and is used in other areas where existing domestic or commercial buildings are being upgraded from an energy efficiency perspective.

PAS 2030 includes 26 defined energy efficiency measures (EEMs) in the current version – PAS 2030:2017, which the Trade Engine PAS 2030 QMS is fully-compliant with.

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