MCS is an initialisation that stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme. The scheme is composed of a number of different standards that installers of renewable energy technologies must adhere to. The MIS 001 (Microgeneration Installer Standard) is the main standard which governs this scheme. A series of sub-standards cover the installation and service requirements of the individual renewable energy technologies. These are:

  • MIS 3001 – Solar Thermal
  • MIS 3002 – Solar PV
  • MIS 3003 – Small and Micro Wind Turbines
  • MIS 3004 – Biomass Boilers
  • MIS 3005 – Ground & Air-source Heat Pumps
  • MIS 3006 – Micro-Hydro Systems
  • MIS 3007 – Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems

The Trade Engine Cloud QMS contains all required functionalities to support and manage the Quality Management requirements of MCS installer businesses.

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