We have recently witnessed significant interest in our services due to the UK Government’s Green Deal scheme.

The Green Deal offers consumers an alternative mechanism to pay for energy efficiency improvements to their homes. This is achieved by homeowners and private tenants taking out Green Deal finance to pay for improvements such as insulation, double glazing, a replacement boiler or even renewable technologies such as solar panels, biomass or ground-source heat pumps.

Green Deal finance is repaid through savings made on the residents’ electricity bills. It effectively means that household bills should be reduced and that any such savings go towards the repayment of the Green Deal plan, which funds the energy efficiency measures installed. Once this is paid off, the homeowner or tenant can take full advantage of the savings made.

We offer Quality Management and Compliance services to all parties involved in the Green Deal, including:

  • Green Deal Installers
  • Green Deal Advisors
  • Green Deal Providers

For further information on how we can assist your business in this regard, please refer to our Services page.

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